Ep 11: The Truth About The Great Depression with Lawrence W Reed

Summary – The Truth About The Great Depression with Lawrence W Reed

An interview with Lawrence W. Reed, President emeritus of The Foundation for Economic Education, about his booklet Great Myths of the Great Depression. We talk about the Progressive Era as the context for the government policies that brought about the Great Depression, and discuss several commonly misunderstood elements that caused or perpetuated the Great Depression. We conclude with a note about personal character.

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Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Episode description
Book discussed: https://fee.org/resources/great-myths-of-the-great-depression/
01:51 About Mr. Reed
Books by Mr. Reed
03:07 Mr. Reed’s background and faith
07:13 Jesus is NOT a socialist
09:56 The Progressive Era
15:34 Progressive population control
The eugenics movement, by Bradley Thomas
18:27 Monetary policy and the Fed
24:21 Tariffs, income tax, and stifling trade
29:06 New Deal disasters
34:32 Government causes inflation
36:21 Wagner Act disasters
41:12 Minimum wage
44:59 The importance of personal character


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