The Reformed Libertarians Podcast Introduction

Ep 1: The Reformed Libertarians Podcast Introduction

The Reformed Libertarians Podcast Introduction

Show Notes

Welcome to the first, Reformed Libertarians Podcast episode! This is an introduction to what Reformed means, and what libertarian means with its connection to Reformed. The hosts introduce themselves, and say a word about who the podcast is for.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
00:55 What do we mean by Reformed?
02:01 The Affair Of The Sausages 
03:31 Historical orthodox Protestants agree on: Early creeds, Trinity and Christ, the 5 Solas, and differ on certain specific points in their respective confessions
04:46 By Reformed we mean affirming a historical Reformed doctrinal standard; Reformed libertarians hold to disestablishmentarian confessions, including 1788 Westminster, 1958 Belgic, or 1689 London Baptist
05:24 Covenantal, redemptive-historical interpretation
05:42 How are we not ‘Evangelical’?
06:47 We are evangelistic, testifying to the good news of salvation from God’s judgement in Jesus Christ
08:32 What do we mean by libertarian?
09:20 By libertarian we mean affirming self-ownership/property right and the principle of non-aggression
10:16 How do we understand libertarianism from a Reformed perspective?
12:51 About Gregory Baus
13:47 About Kerry Baldwin
16:57 Who might our audience be?
18:47 Our mission is to educate and inspire listeners to embrace and promote libertarianism as grounded in the Reformed Faith


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