The Gospel’s Revolutionary Message of Peace: A Resolution to End War

Summary – The Gospel’s Revolutionary Message of Peace: A Resolution to End War

The recent events in Israel have added to an already heated discussion around US foreign policy and war. Hamas committed evil atrocities when they launched a deadly attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the country is now at war, and cut off electricity and utilities to Gaza. They gave notice to northern Gaza telling them to evacuate as Israel prepared a ground invasion.

As this unfolds, the media and politicians are out there making proclamations about how the US must support Israel. Others point to the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and say Israel deserved this, or at least brought this on themselves (the term libertarians use is “blowback”.

Regarding the truth of this specific conflict, I will be diving into that soon. I have Kyle Anzalone coming on the show next week to discuss the history and current political drives at play in this conflict between Israel and Hamas. But before we even go there, I think I need to take the time to make some things clear.

I am Anti-War. And I think the rightful role of the Church and as followers of Christ is to be staunchly, as the intro to this podcast says, against both war and empire. So in this episode, I make again the case for why I think the Gospel message of Christ’s work on the Cross and proclamation of the Kingdom of God should lead Christians who aim for their faith to impact ALL of their beliefs and actions to oppose war and be ever vigilant in pursuing peace here on Earth.

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