Politicians Blinded to Blowback: Debunking the Israel War Propaganda w/ Kyle Anzalone

Summary – Politicians Blinded to Blowback: Debunking the Israel War Propaganda

War has broken out in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Innocent lives have been lost, both Israelis and Palestinians. War brings out the worst of humanity, as we see people on both sides engage in collectivism and escalation of violence. War also brings to the surface debates over history and current events, and each side has their own narrative. But what is the truth?

Did Hamas just randomly decide one day to attack Israel for no reason other than hating Jews? Has the state of Israel done everything they can to exhaust peace measures and to give the Palestinian people equal rights and protections, or their own sovereignty? What role has American foreign policy played in this regional theatre?

Returning to the show is Libertarian Institute and AntiWar.com writer, podcaster and editor. Kyle joins me to discuss the history of this conflict and cut through the narratives and propaganda to strike at the truth of why this war broke out, and what we can do to hold leaders here and in the Middle East accountable so that peace can be thoughtfully and urgently pursued so that innocent lives might be saved. 

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