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Ep 6: Why Is The Right Of Resistance Important?

Why Is The Right Of Resistance Important?

A summary of the doctrine of the Right of Political Resistance, with four reasons for its importance. Plus, a little about the life of John Chrysostom and his early church contribution to this important doctrine.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Intro
00:32 Episode description
00:52 What is the doctrine of the Right of Political Resistance?
See episode 2
01:11 Summary of the doctrine
No obligation to submit to tyranny since it is not God’s ordinance
02:03 taught in the Reformed confessions
05:05 Reformed Political Resistance Theology annotated bibliography
05:17 One reason this doctrine is important:
the Right of Resistance is a non-indifferent ethical matter addressed in Scripture and church’s subordinate doctrinal standards
06:47 A second reason this doctrine is important:
the Right of Resistance is required to be taught, and contradicting it is subject to discipline
08:55 A third reason this doctrine is important:
decisions related to one’s view of the Right of Resistance are frequently encountered
10:12 feeding the poor without govt approval

buying govt-unapproved necessities

sheltering the homeless without govt approval
See LCI Podcast Episode 302

10:45 obsta principiis / resist at the beginning
11:59 Of course, there are prudential considerations in strategic defense
12:50 A fourth reason this doctrine is important:
teaching the Right of Resistance is a matter of the church’s faithful witness to the truth of Scripture as God’s Word
15:55 there is a great need for greater familiarity with this doctrine in Reformed churches today
16:52 John Chrysostom’s historical context
19:55 John Chrysostom’s biography
22:02 Chrysostom’s 23rd Homily on Romans 13
Paul is addressing God’s prescriptive ordination of an office of administering civil justice, not addressing providence or requiring submission to whoever wields power










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