Ep 302: Libertarian Activism with Tasha’s Husband, Spike Cohen

libertarian activism spike cohen

Summary – Libertarian Activism with Spike Cohen

Former Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate, Spike Cohen joins Doug Stuart for a discussion about politics, faith, and and libertarian activism. Cohen, raised as a Messianic Jew, recounts some of his personal journey in and out of faith. Cohen explains how he became a libertarian and some significant moments in America’s recent history where the left and right were very close to unifying on common cause. He then describes how he’s come to understand the single most important issue that affects all others is the monopolization of the monetary system through the Federal Reserve. Responsibility for nearly ever grievance against societal problems and government can be laid squarely at the feet at the central bankers.

Spike Cohen goes on to address some key issues with the broader freedom movement, including the ongoing divide between pragmatists and idealists. He describes this as “our own duopoly” explaining that both sides need each other and maintaining the divide is handicapping our ultimate goal. He’s organized a non-profit called You are the Power, dedicated to grassroots municipal level activism with an effective approach. Cohen highlights one story about Pastor Moses and the city of Gastonia, NC, that shutdown his homeless shelter, apparently, to secure tax dollars to finance government homeless programs. Finally, he answers the toughest question about how can possibly have a perfect relationship with his wife, Tasha.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:33 How Spike Cohen became a libertarian
04:16 Personal journey with faith and libertarianism
09:49 The brief moments where the left and right were unified in their prophetic voice against empire
16:29 The Federal Reserve and control of the money system as the single most important topic
22:20 How big is your libertarian tent?
25:58 Libertarian messaging post-pandemic
31:00 Advice to libertarians embarrassing themselves on social media
34:01 “You are the Power” – Grassroots activism
38:46 Pastor Moses in Gastonia, NC – Homeless shelter shutdown
42:14 How do we get people interested in activism?
45:55 How do you have a perfect relationship with your wife?
48:32 Concluding though

Resources Mentioned

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