Summary – How the West Brought War to Ukraine with Benjamin Abelow

In this episode I sit down with Benjamin Abelow, who is the author of ‘How the West Brought War to Ukraine: Understanding How U.S. and NATO Policies Led to Crisis, War, and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe’. We discuss this book, and Abelow gives us an incredible summary of the historical context of the war, the extent of western provocations towards Russia, and the prospects for peace following the conflict. If you want to understand the war in Ukraine, this episode is absolutely essential!

Abelow believes that Western policies in Ukraine are badly misguided and are causing great harm to the people of Ukraine, Europe, the United States, Russia, and the rest of the world. Abelow previously worked in Washington, DC, where he lobbied Congress about nuclear arms policy. He holds a B.A. in European history from the University of Pennsylvania and a medical degree from Yale University. His other areas of interest include the psychology of trauma, including war trauma.

Check out Abelow’s Work:

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