Ep 43: Covid, Ukraine, Congress, the WEF, and Liberty with Ezra Wyrick

Summary – Covid, Ukraine, Congress, the WEF, and Liberty with Ezra Wyrick

Ezra Wyrick is back on the show to discuss some of the most important problems facing our world today. He talks about his recent appearance on the Tom Woods Show, Covid, Ukraine, Congress, the World Economic Forum, his endeavors with Mises Magazine and the Youth Liberty Coalition, and the relationship between Christianity and libertarianism. Ezra is a young rising star in the liberty movement and I promise that you will not want to miss this episode!

Episode Outline:

a. The Tom Woods appearance
b. The current debates about Covid
c. The war in Ukraine
d. The Republican control of the house
e. The World Economic Forum
f. Faith and libertarianism
g. Mises Magazine and Liberty Youth Coalition
h. The state of the Republicans and Democrats
i. The 2024 election and the future of the country


Media Referenced:

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