Christians Regard the American Revolution

Ep 312: How Should Libertarian Christians Regard the American Revolution?

Summary – How Should Libertarian Christians Regard the American Revolution?

How do we as Christians and libertarians view the era of the American Revolution? Mike Maharrey of the 10th Amendment Center and the Godarchy podcast, and our own Matthew Bellis discuss their patriotic upbringing and how they square their heartfelt love for American principles, but disdain for the war, slavery, colonialism, etc. Can we properly judge Americans of the past with a 21st conception of morality? These questions (and more) are discussed by Mike, Matthew, and Doug with the hope of offering some clarity to how we as libertarians and Christians think about the American Revolution.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
02:55 How do you understand and process the American Revolution?
(The distinction between the Revolution and the Revolutionary War).
08:40 Matthew Bellis on the above question: challenging slavery and the root of liberty from the Reformation
13:16 Was it a defensive war or war of aggression against the crown?
19:15 Where and how is proper authority vested? The office, Romans 13, the Constitution?
22:55 What would you do if your family was threatened in such a way that violence was unavoidable?
25:10 How many colonists favored the Revolutionary War?
28:22 Should Christians break fellowship over decisions to join the military/war?
31:48 How would you persuade someone like Thomas Paine based on what you know now?
37:48 Closing thoughts


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