Ep 19: From Stage to Screen: Matt Neff’s Journey into Biblical Storytelling

Summary – From Stage to Screen: Matt Neff’s Journey into Biblical Storytelling

Faith Ventures welcomes Matt Neff, CEO of Sight and Sound, a renowned live production company with a passion for bringing Bible stories to life on stage and screen. We dive into Matt’s journey, from starting as a stage technician to leading the company, and his deeply rooted conviction that storytelling is a powerful gift for inspiration and ministry. Matt shares how his team’s transition into filmmaking was guided by a calling to tell true historical stories of God’s intervention with humanity. We discuss the pivotal role of “presence-based leadership”, the challenges and opportunities in the film industry, and the importance of aligning with God’s wisdom and guidance in decision-making. We delve into the transformative impact of recognizing and embracing the unique gifts within team members, as well as the process of shifting towards a Christ-centered leadership approach. Join us for an insightful conversation on faith, storytelling, and leadership.

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