Ep 96: The Liberty Book Club with Shaun Collins and Joel Ellenwood

Ep 96: The Liberty Book Club with Shaun Collins and Joel Ellenwood

In this episode I talk with Shaun Collins, host of the podcast Buds n’ Reality, and Joel Ellenwood, the great Infinite Zeal Syndicate, about the books in libertarian theory that have most shaped their worldviews. We discuss the reasons why it is important to read, what books every libertarian ought to know, and personal favorite books. Joel demonstrates why Abraham Lincoln was not, in reality, a good president, and Shaun explains why we should remain skeptical of mainstream narratives. You won’t want to miss this one!

Additional Resources

  • Shaun Collins Twitter: @BudsnReality
  • Buds n’ Reality Podcast: budsinthebasement.com
  • Joel Ellenwood Twitter: @_InfiniteZeal
  • Infinite Zeal Merch: https://linktr.ee/infinitezealsyndicate

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