The Liberty Antidote to Christian Nationalism

Ep 342: The Liberty Antidote to Christian Nationalism

Summary – The Liberty Antidote to Christian Nationalism

During this breakout session from Freedom Fest 2023, our panelists aim to provide an antidote to the growing influence of Christian nationalism by presenting comprehensive theological and libertarian perspectives. Drawing from Reformed, Catholic, and Protestant theological viewpoints, Jacob Winograd moderates the panel comprised of Dr. Norman Horn, Ryan McMaken, and Kerry Baldwin, with a special video contribution from Alex Bernardo.

Throughout the session, the panel explores the various definitions and ambiguities surrounding Christian nationalism, examining different opinions ranging from proud embrace to outright dismissal of the term. They critique the Christian nationalist program as an activist movement masquerading as a philosophy and question its compatibility with principles of civil justice. Also discussed are nationalism and patriotism and the identity Christians have in Christ. The panelists challenge the idea of using legal coercion to enforce nonaggressive immorality and caution against viewing the Old Testament theocracy as a political blueprint for modern governance.

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