Ep 114: A Debate About Liberty with Ezra Wyrick and Joshua Eakle

Ep 114: A Debate About Liberty with Ezra Wyrick and Joshua Eakle

In this episode, Ezra Wyrick and Joshua Eakle discuss the differences between their political philosophies. Joshua is a self-described classical liberal and Ezra is a libertarian with anarchistic leanings. They discuss the difference between these two positions, as well as where they agree and disagree on several contentious issues such as the war in Ukraine, economics, the government response to Covid, the proper size of the state, voting, Trump and Biden, and the Libertarian party. This is a respectful and thoughtful dialogue that highlights differing approaches to achieving a free society, and both guests do an incredible job of outlining their positions. Check it out!

Additional Resources

Ezra Wyrick on Twitter: @Ezra4Liberty 

Joshua Eakle on Twitter: @JoshEakle

Project Liberal: @ProjectLiberal

Students for Liberty: @sfliberty

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