Ep 298: Deceiving Others for a Living, with Doc Dixon

Doug is on a comic kick! In this episode, comic magician Doc Dixon unwittingly exposes Doug’s affinity for dark humor. Just kidding. This fun and lively interview takes us behind the scenes with the guy who fooled Penn and Teller (link below). And Doc even comedically corrects the idea that magic is deceiving others.

Summary – Deceiving Others for a Living, with Doc Dixon

Doc Dixon chats with Doug Stuart about being a (Reformed) Christian libertarian and comic magician. Dixon has been featured on Penn & Tell’s Fool Us, and successfully fooled them. Like many of us, Dixon came to libertarianism during the Ron Paul Revolution and the libertarian view of economics and monetary policy. Dixon talks about the natural compatibility between Christianity and libertarianism.

They shift topics to discuss Dixon’s career choice as a magician. Dixon demystifies professional magic by pointing out that it’s a learned skill like anything else. How do magicians decide to share their secrets? (And how much is already “out there” thanks to the Internet). What’s the community of magicians like? Do they get together to learn from each other? and much more! Of course, the performance is personal and we get to hear how his personality comes out in his work.

Do some Christians believe magic deceiving others and so off limits for us? Dixon has a perfect response for this – “there’s an unintended hubris there.” Not even Las Vegas, in Dixon’s view, are the magic shows really superstitious or occult-like. (Though that’s not to say everything in Vegas is that innocent.) Dixon and Stuart take a few (more than a few) friendly jabs at one another throughout. So sit back and enjoy this more lighthearted episode of the Libertarian Christian Podcast.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
02:36 How does Doc Dixon identify? Comedian or Magician
04:38 Doc Dixon’s Christian background and how he came to faith
06:10 What led you to Ron Paul?
09:13 Do you believe Christianity and libertarianism is naturally compatible
11:42 Do you incorporate libertarianism into you shows?
16:25 How do you become a magician?
20:08 Magician cocktail parties?
23:16 Are Las Vegas magicians dabbling in the occult in their performances?
27:25 Workshopping magic with other magicians
30:35 Is incorporating humor a part of who you are?
34:26 Dark humor?
37:12 People in other fields you admire?
42:48 Magic over Zoom? How does that experience work?
45:18 Concluding thoughts Libertarianmagician.com?

Resources Mentioned

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