Widows, Wealth, and the Specter of Socialism: 1 Timothy 5-6

Ep 81: 1 Timothy 5-6 – Widows, Wealth, and the Specter of Socialism

Ep 81: Widows, Wealth, and the Specter of Socialism: 1 Timothy 5-6

In this episode I explore the historical background and theological implications of 1st Timothy 5-6. In these two sections of Paul’s letter, Timothy is given advice about how the church at Ephesus ought to provide for widows in need and also how those that are wealthy have an obligation to be charitable. I explain how these are often interpreted through the lens of modern socialist economic theories and why these passages do not, in fact, support socialism.

I also explain why the Bible shouldn’t be used to directly support any modern economic theories and why we don’t need the Bible to affirm capitalism. These are very important passages in the New Testament for understanding the Christian position on wealth and charity and there are many important principles that should be drawn from them.


Additional Resources

Jeffers, James: The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era

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