Ep 307: Get Rid of Taxes or End World Hunger?

get rid of taxes end world hunger

Summary – Get Rid of Taxes or End World Hunger?

In today’s episode, Doug Stuart and Norma Horn are grilled by Matthew Bellis in a game of “Would You Rather …?” From pancakes vs waffles, to Tom Woods vs Bob Murphy, to Matthew’s meager attempt to ferret out Norm’s and Doug’s heretical tendencies, you’ll find out more about these guys than you ever cared to. Enjoy our last episode of 2022 before we get back to the serious stuff in the New Year.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
02:24 … be painted red or blue for the rest of your life?
03:02 … dogs or cats?
04:09 … pancakes or waffles?
04:43 … triskets or saltines?
05:14 … coffee or tea?
06:47 … Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?
08:25 … lose your sight or lose you memories?
10:00 … give up air conditioning or internet?
11:03 … have a full time maid or a full time chef?
12:01 … 11ft tall or 1ft tall?
13:26 … royalty 1000 years ago or middle class Canadian today?
14:32 … nothing but Hallmark movies or nothing but Horror movies?
16:42 … rat or snake hiding in your room?
18:23 … a year at war or a year in prison?
18:44 … get rid of taxes or get rid of world hunger?
19:55 … for your dad … Tom Woods or Bob Murphy?
21:48 … Joe Rogan or Dave Smith?
22:20 … John Stossel or Dave Rubin?
23:58 … Matt Walsh or Ben Shapiro?
25:12 … Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh?
26:10 … Saint Augustine of Hippo or Pelagius?
27:03 … Saint Nicholas or Arius
27:56 … SBC or PCUSA?
29:01 … Methodist or Annabaptist
30:03 … dinner with Al Mohler or play ping-pong with Benny Hinn

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