Ep 301: Protect & Serve – Can a Christian Serve in Government?

can a christian serve in government?

Summary – Can a Christian Serve in Government?

In this episode, Doug Stuart is joined by Dick Clark, co-author of Faith Seeking Freedom, to discuss questions related to a Christian’s employment or service to the state. Clark is an attorney who is employed by the Nebraska Legislature. He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist, or radical libertarian, and so not a “beltway libertarian.” Clark takes you through his thought process for what sorts of positions, jobs, offices, that someone can do in a particularly Christian way – that is, aligned with our calling as Christians. He also explains why some jobs should be considered off limits for the Christian.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:46 What does Dick Clark do in government?
05:25 What kind of libertarian are you?
07:55 What is the difference between governance and government (the state)?
12:15 Is local government closer to obtaining the consent of the governed?
15:26 What system do we have and is it good? bad?
19:23 How does our calling as Christians ground how we participate in government?
22:24 Is it Christian to repeal welfare programs?
28:20 Would you work for a rival politician?
31:28 Can Christians participate in law enforcement?
42:53 Concluding Thoughts

Resources Mentioned

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