Dick Clark

Staff Contributor

Dick Clark is a committee legal counsel for the Nebraska Legislature and an attorney in private practice specializing in firearms law. He holds a B.A. in English with minor studies in philosophy from Auburn University. After a stint as librarian at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he then earned his J.D. from Suffolk Law in Boston. He moved to Nebraska to take the role of policy advisor to Governor Dave Heineman, and later worked at the Platte Institute in Omaha and at the Institute for Economic Inquiry at Creighton University.

Dick’s second greatest blessing after salvation is his wife Justina, with whom he is raising three children in Lincoln, Nebraska. He serves as a deacon, Sunday School teacher, and praise team fiddle player at his Southern Baptist church. Dick is an Eagle Scout and is the Cubmaster for Pack 63 in Lincoln.

He is author of several books, including Fighting Back (2010), On The Ticket (2010), Faith Seeking Freedom (2020, with Norman Horn, Kerry Baldwin, and Doug Stuart), and Nebraska Gun Law: Armed and Educated (forthcoming).

Favorite Figures

  • Bob Murphy
  • Ron Paul
  • Murray Rothbard
  • Henry Hazlitt
  • Frederic Bastiat

Must Reads

  • Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
  • Men Against the State by James J. Martin
  • The Civilian and the Military by Arthur Ekirch, Jr.
  • The Economics of Prohibition by Mark Thornton

Favorite Films

  • WarGames
  • Casablanca
  • The Magnificent Seven

Fun Fact

Dick has been an active contributor to Wikipedia, with over 10,000 edits across all Wikimedia projects. In 2010, he served as Wikimedia Campus Ambassador to Harvard University.

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