Failures in Public Health During the Pandemic, with Dr. Mary Ruwart

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We recorded an episode on our podcast with Dr. Mary Ruwart. In this episode, we discuss how she found libertarianism when she realized the “philanthropy” of government services were actually impairing people, what she learned about the harmful nature of regulations while working in the medical industry – which lead to the writing of Death […]

What Evidence Demonstrates that Lockdowns didn’t Help Stop the Pandemic?

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On the one hand, just look around us. Whether locked down or “freed up”, we didn’t see a significant reduction in the spread of COVID-19 for nearly two years. But that doesn’t necessarily make a slam-dunk case immediately that lockdown policies were counterproductive.  Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that either, because the results […]

Was information About Hydroxychloroquine Suppressed in 2020? Is the same thing happening with Ivermectin?

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In the first six months of the pandemic, research from China (among other labs) indicated with in vitro studies that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) had potential as a treatment for COVID-19. These revelations created a mini-firestorm in the media rather quickly, and then seemed to fizzle out after a few weeks. Subsequently, people began to wonder if […]

Shouldn’t the state do whatever it takes to combat a pandemic?

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Another way to ask this question is, “Why shouldn’t the government get special power to fight infectious disease?” There are so many entailments within this kind of question. First, whenever you hear the phrase “whatever it takes” you should immediately be skeptical. These are weasel words that sound exciting, decisive, and construe importance and value. […]

Should Libertarians Support Mask Mandates?

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In short, not from the state. Masks are a tricky topic. Unlike lockdowns (which are clearly monstrous), there is a decent body of evidence that masks can help inhibit spread of respiratory diseases when used well, but the benefits are limited and disputable. Even the positive evidence, though, does not justify governments to impose mask […]

Should Libertarians Support Lockdown Policies?

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Absolutely not. Lockdowns don’t work. While you might be forced to comply and make the best of it, we ought not to stay silent about lockdowns. These policies were among the greatest evils perpetrated by governments around the world in response to COVID-19. It’s true that physical distancing has a measurable impact against spread of […]

In the absence of even a minimal state, how could the spread of infectious disease be prevented?

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In the previous post, we explained the role of markets in working out public health solutions, but we can take these ideas even further. Health insurance (and insurance in general) is well-understood to be a market good, despite how governments are constantly at work subverting regular market activity surrounding its production. Insurance is best understood […]

Does a minimal government have a role in infectious disease prevention? How do free markets play a role?

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Some minarchist libertarians have argued that a minimal government could have a public health role to play. They suggest that the government’s purpose is to ensure that natural rights are not violated within its borders, which is why it would be empowered to prevent individuals from entering who are known to be violent, rights-offending criminals. […]

On Vaccine Mandates

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By Dr. Norman Horn and Dick Clark In July 2021, U.S. President Biden announced a new policy of mandatory COVID vaccination for all federal employees and federal contractors. A further presidential executive order included workers at healthcare facilities receiving Medicare and Medicaid dollars. In early September, the president announced his most ambitious vaccination mandate so […]