News of the Week: Egypt throws the blokes out

Recapping the interesting and noteworthy events of the past week.

Mubarak quits. That’s the news, folks. I’m not sure anything else comes close to this. The next big question really is what the US Federal Government will do. They propped up Mubarak for years, and Suleiman is the US-hand-picked VP and likely successor. Sheesh, are all of our supposed “leaders” just psychopaths in disguise? For more information about events in Egypt I recommend reading AntiWar.com’s series: click here, here,  and here.

LewRockwell.com has a great podcast with Eric Margolis on the Egyptian events here.

Check these protest signs from Egypt.

Oh yeah, and it is the tyrant Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today. Let’s celebrate by remembering that his fabled “last pardon” of deserters was a forgery.

And this was definitely my favorite comic of the week: