Just war theory is not perfect, but insofar as it can be used as a “bludgeon” against war I am not entirely against it. To that end, here is an image to share around Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you feel necessary. Credit goes to the Libertarian Party of Tennessee for putting this together.

Picture courtesy of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee


Here is a link to the original picture so you can share it even more easily.

For even more edifying coverage of another boondoggle in the making, check out this excellent clip. Yes, it is long, but the payoff is high.

Dr. Norman Horn

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  • atrickpay

    senate issue a declaration? constitution says that congress must

  • pandeter

    Here is my two cents, and I’m not trying to argue with anyone but I am sick of how everyone gets tied on this “Congress is the only one who has the power to declare war…”

    I don’t care who has the ability to declare war, it doesn’t make it just either way.

  • So very true…