Writing for the Libertarian Christian Institute

The Libertarian Christian Institute is dedicated to producing articles, podcasts, media, and other content that helps equip the Church to make the Christian case for a free society. 

We are always on the lookout for well-written, thoughtful, and relevant content that will promote a free society from a Christian perspective. While not all articles must speak to both the Christian and libertarian ways of thinking, our default is to make the connection to both in just about every article we write. 

If you are interested in writing for LCI, please send us your submission using the form below. Please read the guidelines carefully! 

How to Submit an Article to LCI

We review all submissions. For best results please read this Guidelines document before submitting the form below. Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated. We just want to make sure you’ve written the best article possible to increase the chances of publishing it! 

LCI’s Editorial Policy

LCI wants every author to be free to communicate their ideas in their own words. We also make every effort to see as many readers of our articles as possible, and as such we may make light editorial corrections and/or add appropriate headings that do not alter the original meaning of the text. We also reserve the right to title the article. 

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