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I am writing to send thanks and express my deepest gratitude for the hard work you put into making this podcast available to the world! I am a voluntaryist (small "l" libertarian) and new Christian, saved in January 2021 and baptized February 27, 2021. I was praying for this type of relevant content, so LCI was an answer to prayer. I read through your Mission and it sparked joy in my heart! Keep doing what you are doing, advocating for non-aggression and spreading the Gospel. I truly believe that libertarian (small "l") values are ideal and the closest I've encountered to providing a framework for understanding "morality" in the world. Now that I am in the body of Christ, I feel this so much more. God set me on a path through voluntaryism and finding my way back to Him. It seems apropos that the Spirit led me to LCI. :)
Podcast listener
LCI has provided wonderful insight and thoughts on the interdependency of Libertarian thought and Christianity that I was sorely missing from other information venues.
LCI has helped me process the various governmental ideas and how they relate to my Christian Faith. Teaching how to think, not just what to think has been very helpful. A willingness to present ideas for consideration, not just blind acceptance, makes LCI a great resource for my continued study.
LCI is helping me find balance within being a Christian and a Libertarian. Which was difficult before I found LCI.

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