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Discussing Christian faith and politics is tough. If you’re tired of the typical left/right answers that sound like they were pulled from last night’s cable news, then you need a new way of thinking about faith and politics. This book will help you take your political conversations to the next level.

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Discussing Christian faith and politics is tough. If you’re tired of the typical left/right answers that sound like they were pulled from last night’s cable news, then you need a new way of thinking about faith and politics. This book will help you take your political conversations to the next level.

In Faith Seeking Freedom, the Libertarian Christian Institute has gathered together some of the brightest minds at the intersection of Christianity and libertarianism to collect brief but thoughtful answers to over a hundred questions frequently posed to liberty-loving believers.

In this book, you will find answers to questions like:
• Should Christians care about politics?
• What does God have to say about government?
• What makes somebody a libertarian?
• Why are property rights so important?
• And many more!


Faith Seeking Freedom is a basic primer on serious libertarianism seen through the informed intellects of serious Christians. Its Q&A format is easy to read, utterly faithful to Christian doctrine and libertarian beliefs, and leaves you fulfilled yet asking for more. I strongly recommend it. Hon. Andrew P. Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel

“As a Christian libertarian, you get questions. A lot of questions. A lot of the same questions. Instead of stumbling for responses, why reinvent the wheel? Faith Seeking Freedom gives you the substantive and convincing answers you need in order to understand your own position more deeply and convey it to others.” Thomas E. Woods

Nothing true or worthwhile comes without skeptical inquiry, but a tough question doesn’t always require a long-winded response. This latest contribution from the Libertarian Christian Institute proves that the best answers are often the concise ones, those that strike at the root of the matter while drawing from unassailable facts and the ripest wisdom.  Lawrence W. Reed, president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education and author of Was Jesus a Socialist?

In Faith Seeking Freedom, the authors draw on Judeo-Christian principles to provide a helpful and accessible guide to the ideas and public policies of a free society. For both modern Christians and secularists alike, this book offers insights into how to steer through the cultural seductions and dangers of tyranny to reach the greater human well-being only made possible through liberty. David J. Theroux, Founder and President, Independent Institute; Founder and President, C.S. Lewis Society of California

“It’s tough to imagine any Christian reading this book and not embracing the non-aggression principle of libertarianism.” Mary Ruwart, Chair, Liberty International 

We all have an almost endless number of questions, especially when it comes to an issue as complex as the relationship between government and our Christian faith. Answers – now those are much harder to come by. Faith Seeking Freedom is a good place to start. It offers some solid answers to those questions – over 100 of them! The Q&A format makes for easy reading but don’t let the brevity of the answers fool you. They pack an intellectual punch presented with sound reason and plenty of scriptural support. And the authors put “tough questions” in the title for a reason. They don’t skirt the most difficult issues. In fact, they take them head-on. Whether you’re a long-time libertarian Christian seeking to better defend your position or a curious bystander trying to figure it all out, this book is a must-read. Mike Maharrey, Host of the GodArchy Podcast 

A very useful contribution that strikes a good balance between comprehensive answers and a wide variety of issues. The questions are indeed the tough ones that would come from Christians who do not embrace libertarianism; honest readers will appreciate the sincere attempts to meet these objections. Robert P. Murphy, Senior Fellow, Mises Institute 

Faith Seeking Freedom is wonderfully clear, concise, and kind to the reader. This book will help non-libertarian Christians to better understand, respect, and maybe even adopt libertarianism as their favored approach to political philosophy. Kevin Vallier, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University

Faith Seeking Freedom is an excellent and useful collection of handy answers to important questions. Is it filled with conversation-enders? No–it’s filled with conversation starters, and that’s what makes it important. Art Carden, Professor of Economics and Medical Properties Trust Fellow, Brock School of Business, Samford University

You can find a fair amount of Christian libertarian theory online today, and in no small contribution from the authors that have collaborated here, but there are few options for comprehensive reading. Narrowing our options even further, would be the expressed desire for something thoroughly covering the breadth of Christian libertarian philosophy, while remaining accessible for the beginner and worthwhile for the familiar. Faith Seeking Freedom is an achieving apologetic. This catechism quickly surveys the vast subject, while responsibly addressing necessary distinctions in existing political theories that reside under the often umbrella terms of ‘Christian,’ and ‘libertarian.’ I am thankful for the authoring and editing efforts that went into the creation of this book. It can easily serve to clarify terms, and offer consistency, to formed or forming convictions, where our faith dictates our politics. Stephen Rose,

I must confess that I am not fond of the term “libertarianism” for the same reason I find “capitalism” misleading. In almost any debate over libertarianism, one must spend half the time explaining what it is not before moving on to what it might be. If libertarianism means libertinism, count me out. As pointed out in this text however, libertarianism is not a full-fledged philosophy, much less a theology, as much as it is an argument that maintains (in Lord Acton’s words) that “liberty is the political end of man,” – not, of course, his entire telos.
This book is not the final word on the argument between the Christian revelation and human liberty, but it nonetheless asks many of the right questions, questions that are rarely raised among Christians. Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Acton Institute

Achieving liberty will require enlightening our fellow men about its eternal truths. The contributors to this volume, Christians who are also principled and articulate libertarians, argue for a more libertarian interpretation of Christian teachings, and seek to explain to fellow Christians and other people of faith the glory and morality of liberty in terms they will already relate to. Liberty is ultimately about peace, love, and cooperation, which is a message that can appeal to the 2.4 billion Christians on the planet. This is a big potential audience. This is an important book and undertaking. Stephan Kinsella

I am delighted, exhilarated, and deliriously pleased with the publication of this book. It is an excellent attempt to convince Christians, the co-creators of Western Civilization, to adopt libertarian principles. I can attest that the authors are well-steeped in libertarian theory. If anyone can make the case for the freedom philosophy to Christians, it is this team from the Libertarian Christian Institute. – Walter Block, Senior Fellow, Mises Institute 

“As a Jewish agnostic who is also a libertarian, I found this book to be absorbing and persuasive. I can recommend it wholeheartedly to other Jewish agnostics, whether or not they’re libertarian. On that basis, it looks like a must-read for folks of the Christian faith!” -Gene Epstein, Director of The Soho Forum

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