Cody Cook

Cody Cook

Staff Contributor

Cody Cook is a theologian living near Cincinnati, Ohio who received a BA and an MA from God’s Bible School. He is also bad at writing short bios about himself. After spending much of his youth as an atheist, he began putting Christianity’s claims to the test and slowly, methodically, became a Christian. He still changes his mind slowly and likes to think he’s good at considering the wisdom in different perspectives.

In addition to articles for the Libertarian Christian Institute, he also writes and podcasts at He has written books about atonement theory, apologetics, and the intersection of biblical demonology and political philosophy.

Favorite Figures

Many of my heroes are people who pursued truth or goodness even at a great personal cost. E.g. – Corrie Ten Boom, Malcolm X, Athanasius of Alexander, Harriet Tubman, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Must Reads

  • On the Incarnation – Athanasius
  • Let’s Start With Jesus – Kinlaw
  • Brave New World – Huxley
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  • One with Christ: An Evangelical Theology of Salvation – Johnson
  • Till We Have Faces – Lewis
  • The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism – Borer
  • The New Right – Malice
  • The Righteous Mind – Haidt
  • Anatomy of the State – Rothbard
  • Why Civil Resistance Works – Chenoweth/Stephan
  • The Three Languages of Politics – Kling
  • Superman: Red Son – Millar

Favorite Films

  • Becket
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Network
  • A Face in the Crowd
  • Duck Soup
  • The Mission
  • Rope
  • A New Leaf
  • The Purple Rose of Cairo
  • Body Bags
  • The Thing

Fun Fact

I made conspiracy theory films in high school and one was even featured on Alex Jones’ website I have since moved on to greener pastures with straighter frogs.

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