Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué


Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué is an economist with a Master’s degree in Economics from Georgia Southern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from UT-RGV. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Monterrey, Mexico—effectively labeled as a citizen of Monterrey, Texas by the rest of the staff—he made Texas his permanent residence since his early 20s.

He was an American football and soccer player growing up. American football player because it the greatest sport of all times and soccer player because that is what you do when you grow up in Mexico. Yes, exceptions do not change the trend. Born and raised a libertarian, his conversion to Christ also happened in his early 20s. The libertarian stayed; his theology changed.

His areas of specialization are Monetary & Banking Theory and History, Austrian Economics, Liquidity Theory, Environmental Economics, International Trade, Intellectual Property, and the Two Natures of Christ Doctrine.

Favorite Figures

  • F. A. von Hayek
  • Robert Murphy
  • Ron Paul

Must Reads

  • The Book of Hebrews
  • The Fatal Conceit, by Hayek
  • Choice, by Robert Murphy

Favorite Films

  • Good Will Hunting
  • The Program
  • Catch Me If You Can

Fun Fact

The Super Bowl rings of the Dallas Cowboys are a millenia old. I also have things to say about baseball and golf.

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