If you’re a Christian and you love America, does that make you a Christian Nationalist? When does patriotism turn into idolatry?


Tuesday, June 11 · 6:30 – 9pm CDT
Watch the Recording Here


Oak Forest Anglican Church
1216 Bethlehem Street Houston, TX 77018

Should Christians engage in politics? Should Christian morality be at the heart of the laws we make and enforce? Does God appoint governments? What the heck is a Christian Nationalist and…are you one? When does Patriotism turn into idolatry?

Our THREE guest speakers:

  • Max Anton (repping for Christian Nationalism)
  • Norman Horn (founder and President of the Libertarian Christian Institute)
  • Nick Hadsell (taking the “Christians should disengage from politics & culture wars” perspective)

These three amazing speakers will bring their differing perspectives to the conversation and then we’ll have a large format group discussion where you can text your own questions in to our larger panel of pastors and professors, all while enjoying delicious craft beer!

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