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Ep 54 | What Really Happened at the Asbury Revival? With Timothy Price and Kevin Burr

Ep. 54 | What Really Happened at the Asbury Revival? with Timothy Price and Kevin Burr

On this episode, Timothy Price and Kevin Burr have a conversation about the Asbury revival that took place at Asbury Theological Seminary in February of 2023. Kevin Burr earned his doctorate from Asbury and is generally optimistic and supportive of what has been called a legitimate revival. On his podcast Faith in the Folds, he devotes two episodes to exploring the significance of the events that took place. Timothy Price is more skeptical.

In an article he published at Academia, Retrospective, the Only Way to Determine Revival, he expresses six points of skepticism regarding the Asbury revival and urges his readers to think critically about what took place on Asbury’s campus. In this episode, Tim and Kevin discuss their differing perspectives on the revival, both the benefits and potential drawbacks of the revival, and present their own individual cases for what really happened at Asbury in February 2023.


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