What Does the Christian Religion Teach About Politics? Why I’m Not an Anarchist

In my time podcasting, I’ve often had people respond to the ideas and arguments I discuss on my show with agreement to the content, but a disdain for the term “anarchy”.

So, why do I use that word? Do I consider myself to be an anarchist? Well, the truth is, no – I am not an anarchist. But, I use that term for a reason. In this episode, I dive into the history of the development of my platform and why I settled on the name “Biblical Anarchy”. I look at the passages in 1 Samuel 8 and Mark 10 is guideposts to what the Bible teaches us about human rulers and kingdoms, and what being part of God’s Kingdom entails for Christians.

For more information on what I mean by “Biblical Anarchy”, check out Episode 1.

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