Unmasking Rona — GodArchy Podcast

If all these mitigation efforts including lockdowns and mask mandates worked, we should see a significant difference between areas that implemented such measures and those that didn’t. We see no such difference.

In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I talk with Ian Patterson about efforts to control coronavirus. We discuss how various policies have worked (or not worked) and the collateral damage from lockdowns — both economic and spiritual. We also discuss some ways we can respond to the pandemic as Christians.

For over 14 years in startups, Ian has built thriving creative teams and digital products that hurdle obstacles to human flourishing. The many products his teams have created are used by millions of people around the world and have been used and acquired by numerous Fortune 50 companies like Amazon, Yahoo, and Caterpillar. His recent work spans from Forbes 50 fintech, to ed-tech, to digital therapeutics––including a revolutionary product that cures numerous behavior-driven chronic diseases with an 80% success rate and net annual savings of over $4000 per participant. As Head of Product for Lincoln Network––a group of unapologetic capitalists that bridge Silicon Valley tech knowledge and the policy world––he’s launched and grown a successful philanthropic product studio that has created disruptive tech in education tech, corporate culture, healthcare, and more. Those products include ViewHR.org, Schoolahoop.org, ProjectNickel.com, and TryPrizm.com. Ian’s a passionate Christian libertarian and family man who lives in California.

Show Notes

  • Ian’s website: iPatterson.com 
  • @ianmSC– This Twitter feed is loaded with charts and other info on the virus.
  • @Leftylockdowns1 – Another good Twitter feed
  • Do Masks Work?
  • Take This Test  – CovidChartsQuiz.com – If masks and lockdowns work, it should be easy.
  • Iceland is actually tracking breakthrough cases. Look at this carefully. Vaccinations DO NOT keep you from getting COVID-19



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