The Spectrum of Anarchy with Jeremiah Harding

The Spectrum of Anarchy with Jeremiah Harding

Key Themes Explored

  1. Anarchy and Unity:
    • Jeremiah emphasizes the importance of unity across different anarchist schools to prevent societal division.
    • Discussion about the misrepresentation and general misunderstanding of anarchy, emphasizing that it does not advocate chaos but rather a structured, rule-based society without oppressive governance.
  2. Government vs. Governance:
    • A detailed discussion on the distinction between government (as an oppressive force) and governance (as a necessary societal function).
    • Jeremiah argues against the effectiveness of the government in protecting people, describing the state’s primary role as coercive and not protective.
  3. Liberty and Free Speech:
    • The conversation touches on the essential nature of free speech as a mechanism for safeguarding the liberty to think and express oneself.
    • Jacob and Jeremiah discuss the impact of restrictive speech laws and the importance of challenging societal norms through dialogue.
  4. Cultural and Political Division:
    • They delve into the role of conspiracies and political maneuvering in deepening divisions within society, stressing the need for critical thinking and awareness to combat manipulation.

Challenges Discussed

  • The difficulty of aligning different anarchist ideologies, especially when it comes to practical governance and maintaining societal order without a state.
  • Addressing the common misconceptions about anarchy and libertarianism, particularly the false equivalence of anarchy with disorder and chaos.


  • Both Jacob and Jeremiah reiterate their commitment to fostering discussions that bridge ideological gaps and promote a deeper understanding of liberty-oriented governance.
  • They call for continued dialogue and cooperation among various political and ideological groups to explore effective solutions to societal issues without resorting to authoritarian governance.


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