Ep 35: ‘The Apostle and the Empire’ with Dr. Christoph Heilig

Summary – ‘The Apostle and the Empire’ with Dr. Christoph Heilig

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Christoph Heilig, who is on the faculty of theology at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He has written extensively on the relationship between Paul and the Roman empire, and his recent book The Apostle and the Empire analyzes the debate in New Testament scholarship surrounding Paul’s supposedly ‘hidden’ criticism of Rome. Heilig explains, contrary to many prominent strands of New Testament scholarship, that Paul did not have a veiled critique of Rome but openly expresses his discomfort with the Roman empire. He explains the significance of 2 Corinthians 2:14 and the way in which Paul’s language would have been in conflict with Roman political ideology. We also discuss the most politically contentious passage in the New Testament, Romans 13:1-7. This is not a conversation you will want to miss!

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