Stephen Wolfe & Alex Bernardo: Christian Nationalism & Christian Libertarianism

Stephen Wolfe & Alex Bernardo: Christian Nationalism & Christian Libertarianism

In this episode we engage in a serious and thought-provoking discussion on the delicate interplay between Christian theology and political ideology. How should Christians navigate the often murky waters of political engagement? Our knowledgeable guests provide deep insights into this complex issue.

Can the Bible reliably inform our understanding of governance and law in modern society? Stephen Wolfe draws on historical scholarship to argue that it is not solely scripture, but rather reason and experience, that are foundational in shaping our political convictions. This is complemented by Alex Bernardo’s exposition of the Wesleyan quadrilateral, which advocates for a comprehensive approach that harmoniously blends scriptural directives with reason, tradition, and experience.

But then, what relevance does the biblical concept of divine kingship have in the context of contemporary governance? Alex speaks to the theological dimensions outlined in Genesis and Revelation, portraying a divine order where governance, though a concession to human fallenness, functions under God’s ultimate kingship with humans acting as his stewards.

The dialogue explores the integration of natural law into Protestant political thinking as articulated by Wolfe, and wrestles with the challenges of maintaining a non-partisan stance while incorporating biblical principles into political life.

The fundamental question that Jacob raises then is when is the use of force justified, especially in regards to civil authorities? Are they strictly held to the enforcement of natural rights, or are there other public goods that they ought to protect as well?

We invite our listeners to join us in this profound exploration as we dissect these complex themes, advocating for a scripturally informed worldview, and probing the appropriate extent of political involvement for Christians. This episode is crucial for anyone interested in how faith influences political engagement within the frameworks of Christian nationalism and libertarianism.

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