Ep 263: Rival Nations, with Peter Rollo

Peter Rollo, founder of the website Rival Nations, joined us to discuss his passion for theology, why he started Rival Nations, “Two-Kingdom Theology,” Romans 13voting as a form of violence, and what it means to be a citizen of a “rival nation.” Followers of Jesus are indeed a part of a nation: The Kingdom of God.
Peter discusses how Jesus was on earth at such a crucial time in human history; as well as how Christ intentionally used political vernacular to set his followers apart from the world. We often forget that we live in a world ruled by Satan. We, as Christians, are a part of a new nation led by the Prince of Peace against Satan’s kingdom presently on earth.

Because of our separate citizenship, we follow a different set of rules than the secular world. Our ruler demands love in action from each of his citizens. The authority of God should be a priority to all Christians, yet they still choose the authority of man. Human government is in direct opposition to the Prince of Peace. Our true nationalism should be directed towards God’s Kingdom.

Show Notes

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