Ep 269: Failures in Public Health During the Pandemic, with Dr. Mary Ruwart

We were blessed to be joined by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart to discuss how she found libertarianism when she realized the “philanthropy” of government services were actually impairing people, what she learned about the harmful nature of regulations while working in the medical industry – which lead to the writing of Death by Regulation, and why we should not trust everything we are told buy the powers that be when it comes to our own health.
COVID-19 has sadly been a case study in how stunted the medical industry is due to the state’s regulatory hampering. How many people could have survived the pandemic if government agencies had not spread so much red tape over the industry? Dr. Ruwart pointed out that one of the first reactions to the pandemic by the FDA was banning any private companies from making COVID tests, and temporarily restricted the production of them to the CDC. She also noted that the PCR COVID-testing was not implemented correctly due to bureaucratic negligence and ignorance – therefore much of the testing occurring was likely flawed. Government mandates in reaction to the spread of COVID-19 – such as the vaccines and mask mandates – lacked any significant scientific backing, and ignored other important and helpful information.
Not only did bureaucracies regulate the health field, they also heavily censored and restricted certain information and medications that did not fit the narrative of the state-sponsored view of the pandemic. Such drugs or medicinal treatments as Ivermectin or taking zinc were restricted or shut down in favor of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals; and studies were suppressed that indicated heart failure, obesity, and other factors lead to COVID-19 deaths – not to mention the amount of deaths that were false positives due to flawed PCR testing. How can libertarians respond to all of the fake news, mandates, and overall scariness going on in the world today? Dr. Ruwart says that Americans should get more involved in the movements around or against the mandates, and hopefully this will also draw more people into the libertarian movement.

Show Notes

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