Ep 273: Promoting a Free Society Through Public Policy, with Vance Ginn, Ph.D.

Vance Ginn, Ph.D. – the Chief Economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation – joined us to talk about how he found a passion for public policy, and how policy can be made in favor of a freer market. Vance also discussed his work with the White House under the Trump administration, as well as his current work in creating policy solutions for poverty relief with a focus on the private sector.

Cutting spending to promote liberty and freedom, especially when it comes to social services like welfare or education, becomes difficult when so many people view the state as a philanthropic institution that deserves a blank check. Part of Vance’s approach is educating people on how his proposed policy solution is not intended to take services away from people but rather allowing the private sector to create solutions/opportunities. Poverty cannot be eradicated by throwing massive amounts of money at the issue.

Inflation, in Vance’s opinion, is driven heavily by the Federal Reserve printing too much money, as well as a weakened labor market – incapacitated by state interventions and stimulus infusions into the economy. Government should never be the final say for broad-stroke solutions to micro issues. Policy, according to Vance, is an avenue to localize, create a freer society, and help people truly prosper.

Show Notes

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