Ep 70: Libertarian Christian Core Values (Part 4)

LCI recently released our Mission, Vision and Core Values statement: a concise, systematic presentation of what we stand for as an organization. This document will provide a framework for LCI going forward, and also serve for branding purposes as a broad explanation of what we believe about the intersection of Christian theology and libertarian political philosophy. Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring this statement and its five Core Values; discussing why they are in the document, what they mean, why we believe them, and how they fit into the bigger picture.


As God is intrinsically relational within the Trinity, so also human beings are created to live in community. Sin has marred the communal relationships for which we were created by pitting individuals against God, against one another, and against the earth for which we are called to be wise stewards. Affirming the dignity, worth, and rights of the individual as an image-bearer of God is a first step toward restoring authentic, Christ-centered community among diverse individuals. Because society is comprised of individuals, a healthy society requires healthy individuals. Through voluntary cooperation and respect for freedom, people can join together to trade, innovate, create, collaborate, share, and build a world that simultaneously respects the individual and betters our neighbor.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

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