How Candace Owens is Leading the Charge Against Identity Politics on the Right, feat. Kyle Matovcik

How Candace Owens is Leading the Charge Against Identity Politics on the Right, feat. Kyle Matovcik

In this episode of the Biblical Anarchy Podcast, join host Jacob Winograd as he unpacks the thought-provoking controversy surrounding Candace Owens’ departure from The Daily Wire and the subsequent scrutiny of her stance on the war in Gaza. Through a detailed exploration, Jacob delves into the moral and ethical complexities of the conflict, emphasizing the parallels between historical events and contemporary viewpoints. By addressing the criticisms directed at Candace, he prompts listeners to reconsider traditional perspectives, urging them to navigate the intricate landscape of geopolitical issues through the lens of their faith. Jacob then plays a clip from a recent LCI Greenroom livestream he did with Kyle Matovcik, host of the “In Liberty & Health” podcast. In that stream, Kyle and Jacob played the video released by Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan following Candace’s firing, in which Andrew slanders Candace. Kyle and Jacob demonstrate the faulty logic behind these claims and showcase how identity politics and collectivism are tools that both the left AND right will employ to distract people from the truth. If you’re ready to engage in a stimulating and challenging discussion on the intersections of faith, politics, and morality, this episode is a must-listen.



Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction. Daily Wire and Candace Owens relationship, state of conservative media.
05:40 Debate over Candace’s views on anti-Semitism contested.
07:51 Discussion on Israel, antisemitism, and Hamas allegations of excusing Hamas
12:16 Questioning Old Testament wars and covenants’ morality.
16:56 When power and influence are wielded to silence people, it leads to unintended consequences
18:02 Kanye’s radicalization and Candace’s defense of him
21:49 Questioning double standards in political discourse and judgment
26:15 What is a dog whistle?
28:53 Right-wing mimics left wing collectivism on Jewish issues
31:25 Candace doesn’t deny the Holocaust, what do people mean by this accusation?
35:37 Why did Hitler burn certain books? Why did Candace bring this up? (More on this in next week’s episode)


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