Finding Freedom & Criminal Justice

Ep 324: Finding Freedom & Criminal Justice, with John Odermatt

Summary – Finding Freedom & Criminal Justice, with John Odermatt

In this episode of the Libertarian Christian Podcast, host Doug Stuart interviews John Odermatt, co-founder of the Lions of Liberty Network. John opens up about his journey towards becoming a leading advocate within the criminal justice reform movement, rooted in both personal experience and his Christian faith. His passion for the subject has been fueled by firsthand encounters with the injustices of the system, leading him to create and host the Felony Friday podcast, a platform that raises awareness about the issue and brings powerful stories of redemption from those affected. Odermatt’s dedication towards reforming a broken system is a testament to the importance of addressing the consequences of crime in a restorative, compassionate manner.

A major aspect of the conversation about criminal justice reform revolves around the necessity for compassion and grace. Whether discussing rehabilitation, reintegration, or individual struggles, understanding the importance of mercy and forgiveness is an integral part of any lasting solution. As Christians, this approach aligns with the core teachings of Jesus and underscores the value of treating others with respect, regardless of their past mistakes.

For John Odermatt, compassion plays a significant role in his advocacy efforts. Through his podcast and personal interactions, he emphasizes that providing second chances and acknowledging the humanity of those who have been through the criminal justice system can open doors for healing and reintegration. Odermatt highlights that one’s past should not dictate their future, and a system that embraces restorative justice can foster genuine growth and change.

John Odermatt is a passionate advocate for criminal justice reform and libertarianism. He began his journey in the world of podcasting nearly a decade ago, and has since become a co-founder of the Lions of Liberty Network. With years of experience under his belt, John now hosts the popular Finding Freedom Podcast, where he interviews individuals who have faced the injustices of the criminal justice system, as well as those who have overcome adversity and found success after incarceration. Raised in a conservative Christian household, John’s personal experiences and background in law have shaped his compassionate approach to reform and liberty.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
05:57 Pivoting to Finding Freedom
06:26 Criminal Justice Reform
12:28 Compassion and Responsibility
13:18 Growing in Faith
15:13 Taking Command of Our Liberty
19:10 Choosing Your Suffering
22:20 Overcoming Hurdles
23:43 Education in America
28:47 Libertarians during COVID
32:53 Technology and Tyranny
36:10 Resisting Sin and Oppression
39:42 Lions of Liberty Network
40:52 Conclusion


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