Faith Ventures: “Never Skip Any Steps” with Nathan Newton

Summary – “Never Skip Any Steps” with Nathan Newton

Faith Ventures welcomes Nathan Newton, president of Brian’s Masterpiece in Las Vegas. In this episode, Nathan shares his journey from the professional kitchen to the workshop, discussing the profound ways radical honesty and faith have shaped his relationships with clients and employees. He recalls for us how working in the corporate world prepared him to run his family’s business, and how his father in particular encouraged him to embrace learning about every aspect of the job, and don’t skip a step! From embracing failures to leading by ethical example, Nathan’s insights are a testament to the powerful intersection of faith and work. Whether it’s managing a growing team or handling high-stakes projects, he reveals how biblical principles guide his business decisions, impacting everything from customer interactions to personal life balance. Join us as Nathan delves into the lessons learned from his past and the continuous journey of living out his faith in his work.


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