Ep 8: It’s Okay to Fail, with Evan Frazier

Summary – It’s Okay to Fail, with Evan Frazier

Faith Ventures welcomes Evan Frazier, founder of Tekwise Financial Planners. Evan is a strong proponent of faith-based investing options, and he shares his journey of integrating faith and business in the financial services industry. Evan takes us through his experience with a group that focused on making business intentional, even consulting with a priest to evaluate decisions from a spiritual standpoint. Having worked in the financial industry for years, Evan shares his motivations for going independent and starting TekWise Financial. He also highlights his commitment to helping families, changing the world, and shares his insights on leadership and the power of prayer in decision-making. He reminds us that “It’s okay to fail”, that we need to be willing to take risks and that part of that means we will mess up in the process. But that’s okay, God is with us all the way.


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