Ep 4: Pursuing Spiritual Wealth with Marcus Hall

Summary – Pursuing Spiritual Wealth, with Marcus Hall

Faith Ventures welcomes Marcus Hall, financial planner and Certified Kingdom Advisor. In this thought-provoking episode, Marcus emphasizes the connection between faith and finances, urging us to view money as a tool to align with their beliefs and actively contribute to their faith. He shares insights on financial stewardship, the power of giving, and incorporating Christian values into financial decision-making. Proper planning isn’t merely about adding zeroes to your account, but about what you will do with what you earn and save. Moreover, these lessons apply in a parallel fashion to everywhere we are working: service is primary. His efforts to educate his fellow believers in this manner are non-trivial, including authoring a book about what he terms “spiritual wealth”. Enjoy a great conversation that challenges our perspectives on wealth, generosity, and work.

Check out “Pursuing Spiritual Wealth.”

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