Ep 2: From CBS to Pastoring (and Back Again), with Karen Roane

Summary – From CBS to Pastoring (and Back Again), with Karen Roane

Faith Ventures welcomes Karen Roane, founder of New Destiny Marketing. Karen’s faith and life journey has taken her all over the map, so much so that it’s truly difficult to summarize it adequately here. How do you get involved with CBS, win an Emmy, become a pastor, then start a marketing agency working with billion-dollar companies? Listen in, and find out. Despite facing difficult times, Karen encourages us to hold onto hope, recognizing that challenges are not indicators of our righteousness. Through her own healing process, Karen has found that sharing personal testimonies can be incredibly powerful and helpful to others. In our conversation, we delve into Karen’s advice for her younger self in the realms of work, business, and integrating faith. We also explore Karen’s experience as an entrepreneur and the decision that led her to start her own marketing agency. We reflect on the importance of aligning our beliefs with the businesses we choose to promote, and Karen draws parallels between evangelism and marketing. This episode is filled with wisdom, insights, and valuable lessons on navigating faith in the business world.

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