Ep 15: Augmented Reality and Gospel Mission with Jennifer Richey

Summary – Augmented Reality and Gospel Mission with Jennifer Richey

Faith Ventures welcomes Jennifer Richey, Chief Strategy Officer of Gravity Jack, the first Augmented Reality (AR) company in the USA! Jennifer founded Gravity Jack along with her husband Luke, who was FV’s guest on last week’s episode. So in this “Part 2” interview, we get to know Jennifer better and her own unique perspective on the Richey’s life together running technology companies. Amidst a difficult season in their business, Jennifer and her husband both experienced a spiritual awakening and revitalization of the Holy Spirit, and the result was a newfound joy, peace, and contentment in their faith and family life. They leaned into their relationship with God, prayed together fervently, and shifted their perspective on life and work. Jennifer highlights the importance of authentically living out one’s faith in the workplace, understanding our work as an analog to ministry that impacts not only your own life but also those around you. We delve into the significance of personal interactions in the hiring process and how caring attitudes can impact the workplace environment. And of course, we explore the idea and technology behind Gravity Jack’s innovative game that has the potential to help people all across the world and even introduce people to the Gospel.

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