Ep 10: Putting Customers First, with David Ramirez

Summary – Putting Customers First, with David Ramirez

Faith Ventures welcomes David Ramirez, additive manufacturing engineer and manager with Uptive Manufacturing in Chicagoland. (As FV’s first engineer interview, host Norman gets to nerd out a little with him a bit in the show!) David shares his story of conversion, growth in faith, and engineering journey. David believes in the power of serving others and putting their interests above his own, a principle we all believe is at the heart of human flourishing and God’s design. He shares practical examples of how he has applied this mindset in his own business ventures and how it has affected his life deeply. Whether going above and beyond to serve a customer and make them whole, to enduring mistreatment, to embracing new opportunities, David’s story is a testament to the faith-driven mindset and the impact it can have on both individuals and the marketplace.

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