Exploring Biblical Prophecy & Eschatology w/Rhesa Browning

Exploring Biblical Prophecy & Eschatology w/Rhesa Browning

I sit down with Rhesa Browning to discuss Biblical prophecy and eschatology, exploring how different interpretations come about, and yet also how we can come to the same conclusions on issues such as war, Israel, and libertarian political theory despite these differences. Rhesa earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and became a Christian during his time in college there. Shortly after graduation he started studying the Bible on his own time to become more mature in his faith, finding the subjects of hermeneutics, original languages, and Biblical transmission fascinating. He has worked in a materials development lab for over 25 years introducing new products into the electrical power distribution market.  Look him up @BrowningRhesa on Twitter. Rhesa has written for LCI, you can find his work here.


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