The Knowledge Problem

Ep 311: The Knowledge Problem in Theology and Philosophy with Alex Bernardo

Summary – The Knowledge Problem in Theology and Philosophy with Alex Bernardo

In this episode, Doug Stuart talks to Alex Bernardo of the Protestant Libertarian podcast about the knowledge problem in theology and philosophy. The Protestant Libertarian Podcast explores the intersection between protestant Biblical studies and libertarian philosophy. We will discuss the Bible, history, culture, economics, philosophy, and current events from both protestant and libertarian perspectives.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction – About Alex Bernardo
07:34 What kind of Protestant are you?
10:20 How do you tie together being libertarian and Protestant?
12:20 Favorite topics covered
15:39 Biggest influences theologically and politically
20:51 How do you approach interpretation of Scripture? How is it authoritative?
26:22 How do we decide to apply the Old Testament?
31:28 What about the Ascension?
33:50 How do you decide what’s important to get right?
45:04 Why don’t you speak unfavorably of postmodernism? What is knowledge?
56:20 How woke culture leverages postmodernism and language?
59:11 Current reading list
1:07:25 Closing Remarks

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