Ep 88: The Covid Vaccines and Functional Medicine with Jared Seigler

Ep 88: The COVID Vaccines and Functional Medicine with Jared Seigler

In this episode, I talk to Jared Seigler, a Certified Functional Medical Provider, about the Covid vaccines. He talks about his time in the service and his increasing skepticism towards mainstream government and media narratives, the horrible track record of big Pharma, and the way many were manipulated into taking the Covid vaccine. We do a deep dive into the science behind mRNA technology, why it doesn’t work as advertised, and the long-term dangerous health consequences that are resulting from vaccine injury. We then discuss function medicine and why exercise and clean eating are the best methods for insuring a healthy lifestyle. This is a very detailed episode that you will not want to miss.

We did deal with some technology issues during the interview that may effect the quality of the audio. I apologize in advance!

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