Ep 86: Rethinking the Police with Daniel Reinhardt

Ep 86: Rethinking the Police with Daniel Reinhardt

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Daniel Reinhardt, a career police officer-turned academic, about his new book Rethinking the Police, out in November 2023 on IVP Academic. In our conversation, Daniel explains how modern policing, which was originally founded on Christian values, has changed over time to create a police culture that dehumanizes the people they are intended to serve and leads to chronic abuses of power. He then explains how his proposed model of police leadership, the servant-shepherd model, could change many of the structural problems facing policing and return to its original intention of keeping the peace. We also talk about popular misconceptions of policing in popular culture, the real challenges that active-duty officers face on the job, the war on drugs and the militarization of the police, and what the average person needs to know about the profession.

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