Ep 75: Ministry and the Church in Politically Divided Times with Kevin Burr

Ep 75: Ministry and the Church in Politically Divided Times with Kevin Burr

In this episode, I talk to Kevin Burr, discipleship Minister at King’s Crossing Church of Christ in Corpus Christie, Texas and host of the podcast Faith in the Folds, about the challenges facing ministers and the church in politically divided times. We discuss political divisions between Christians, the rise of progressive Christianity, deconstruction, exvangelicalism, and Christian nationalism, how Christianity became associated with right-wing politics in the US, how church leaders can responsibly address contentious political issues, and what the Bible tells us about Christian political engagement.


Additional Resources

Kevin Burr Twitter: @kbburr

Faith in the Folds Twitter: @faithinthefolds

Faith in the Folds Podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/faithinthefolds/

Faith in the Folds Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLaLhEOui1uJi_1UrqP7oA

Kings Crossing Church of Christ: https://www.kingscrossingcoc.com/

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